and thanks for stopping by! I recently moved from Heidelberg, Germany, to close to Washington, D.C. to start my position as a bioinformatics specialist at HHMI Janelia. At the Saalfeld lab we enhance the quality of 3D electron micrsocopy neuro data in order to boost segmentation results. Eventually, the goal is a complete digital reconstruction of the drosophila (as well as other organsisms') brain which neuro scientists hope will help in understanding the fundamental building blocks of the brain.
In general, I am interested in image processing and machine learning as tools to solving challenging computer vision problems. I believe that computer vision will play an important role in automating many of the tasks that humans have to execute to date and thus will help people focus on the things they like to do rather than having to deal with unpleasant chores. A popular example is google's self-driving car. For past and current projects, please check out my github account.
My tools of choice are C++, Python and, more recently, Java. A couple of years ago I switched from Windows to Linux as I needed to cut down cost whereever I could during college, and ever since then Linux has made its way to be my favorite operating system. My current set-up is arch linux with KDE as window manager with a pool of great, highly configurable software tools.
Besides my interest in all sorts of geeky things, I am interested in music, both listening and playing, with Ludwig van Beethoven being my favorite composer. Currently, I am working on the third movement of his famous "moonlight" sonata.
Whatever time I have left, I spend on sports, in particular roller hockey with the Dulles Destroyers, as well as lifting weights and playing soccer. Since I have moved to the US, I have been following all big four American sports and could even enjoy baseball which I had never thought was possible.